Eye clinic Facilities

Power Cheakup.
Eye Operation(any kind of sergary).
Outdoor Treatment(Since 1981).

List of Doctors Available

Doctor's Names
Dr.Ramkrisna Bhanja (Optimist)
Dr.Bikram Singh Bhutoyiria
(MBBS,D.O.,Eye Sergeunt)
Dr.D.K.Jha (MBBS,D.O.,Eye Sergeunt)
Dr.Raju Chakraborty (Optimitrist)

Our Vision

In Rick Veda village (gram) word used for symbol of unity . This explain the equality of human being and considered as every person gets in equal footing .In garland a individual flower are attached to another flower with a sting, we should follow our fellow brothers united like a garland and our true sprit must be attached.

Our Mission

In a village we find various people of various religious or different cast stay together happily. In ashram we should live together like village people without discriminating by religion cast or careen. Objective of the people is to accommodate all religion disciple and followers are allowed some vicinity to perform their rituals respectively on meting a peaceful and spritely calm atmosphere .
In ancient time wild life living style simple and purified then our vaidik village life style ancient time people used to dislike the veaidick village life style. few for sighted people change image the gram consert ferther modification of gram concept to make gram concept to understand able bitterly in modern types .